Kelava was founded in 2017 in a home kitchen with the dream of making non-dairy ice cream more mainstream in Malaysia. The name Kelava is derived from the combination of the words kelapa (which means coconut) and love. Kelapa is the main ingredient in the ice cream base. Containing only plant-based ingredients, Kelava brings smooth indulgence to the mindful ice cream lovers.

Our ice cream is:

made to order

packaged in 473 ml paper container

dairy and egg free

continuously improved!

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Everyday flavours:

Seasonal flavours:

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Is Kelava ice cream vegan?

Yes. We only use ingredients that are or stated to be derived from plants.
There is a but – some of our ingredients may have been produced on the same machineries that produce products containing milk and/or eggs.

What are the macronutrient facts of Kelava’s ice creams?

To view the macronutrient facts of our Everyday Flavours, click here.

Is Kelava ice cream gluten free?

Of all our everyday flavours, only Cookies and Cream contains wheat or wheat derivatives.
Seasonal flavours that contain gluten are indicated as so in the description.

Is Kelava ice cream soy free?

No. We use soy in all bases.

What sweetener does Kelava use?

All of our everyday flavours are sweetened using unrefined raw cane sugar, except for Salted Gula Melaka, which is sweetened with coconut palm sugar.

Where does Kelava deliver to?

Kelava’s delivery area covers central Klang Valley, Malaysia. You may check whether your postcode is within our delivery area here.

When can I expect my order to be delivered?

Since the ice cream is made to order, delivery usually takes up to 2 working days. A mobile text will be sent to the purchaser to make arrangement for delivery.

How much is the delivery charge?

A flat delivery charge of RM8 applies to 1 or 2 tubs per order. Delivery is free of charge for 3 tubs or more per order.

Does Kelava cater for events?

Yes, subject to feasibility and agreement after reviewing the requirements. Contact us to find out!

Is consuming coconut milk healthy?

We have seen many articles from credible websites claiming the positive health benefits of consuming coconut, some of which we share below:

“The health benefits of coconut milk”   [BBC goodfood]
“Why coconut is good for you?”   [mybody+soul]

However our intuitions also tell us that sweetened frozen desserts should not be one’s primary source of nutrients, and are to be enjoyed in moderation.

Why is choosing dairy-free food alternatives considered to be positive to the environment?

The production of dairy involves the breeding and farming of cows which emit large amount of methane harmful to the ozone. It also requires significantly larger amount of water and land area compared to plant milk alternatives. Cow excretions resulting from these activities have been found polluting our water sources and the ocean.


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